Student Transitional Experiences Program (STEP) FAQs

RaiseMe FAQs

Pathway to Success: Summer Start (PaSSS) FAQs

  • Is PaSSS available at University Park?

    While PaSSS is not offered at the University Park campus, incoming first-year students at University Park can take advantage of the LEAP program, a summer transition program that any student can opt into.

  • Where is PaSSS offered?

    PaSSS is currently offered at seventeen Commonwealth Campuses. In the future, we hope to extend the program to every Commonwealth Campus.

  • Can you opt in to PaSSS?

    Students do not opt into PaSSS. Rather, Penn State uses the regular application process to identify students who qualify.

  • Do students live on campus for PaSSS?

    In a typical year, students live on campus for PaSSS. During the coronavirus pandemic, conditions may require that students complete the program remotely.

Smart Track to Success FAQs

Complete Penn State FAQs

  • What is the typical scholarship amount for Complete Penn State?

    Students typically receive a maximum award of $3,000, but scholarship amounts are based on the assessment of financial need and the availability of existing funds.

  • Which student populations does Complete Penn State support?

    Complete Penn State is available to students at all Penn State campuses, including the World Campus, and to domestic as well as international students.

  • What qualifies you for Complete Penn State?

    To qualify for financial support through Complete Penn State, students must be within 30 credits and two semesters of earning their first bachelor’s or associate degree (as confirmed in LionPATH or by their academic adviser), have a GPA of at least 2.0, and have exhausted all sources of federal and state aid. Student Success Center staff can help students determine their eligibility for Complete Penn State support.