Student Transitional Experiences Program (STEP)

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The Student Transitional Experiences Program (STEP) supports students who are making the junior-year transition from a Commonwealth Campus to the University Park campus. The program is held over six weeks during the summer before students’ first full semester at University Park. Through STEP, students can learn to navigate their new campus; develop supportive relationships with faculty, staff, and fellow students; and get ahead or catch up in their degree programs. Students take two, 3-credit summer courses and receive an award of at least $1,500 toward their summer tuition.

The program provides students with a range of resources to prepare them for success at University Park:

  • All students are assigned a mentor who organizes social events throughout the summer, enabling change-of-campus students to build connections with one another, and who can answer students’ questions about life at University Park.
  • Through a six-week workshop series, STEP helps students to connect with opportunities for engagement at University Park such as undergraduate research and student organizations.
  • Program leaders are available to provide guidance to students who are interested in securing on-campus employment.
Visit the Office for Summer Session website to learn more about STEP, including how to register.

More than 50 percent of students who graduate from University Park begin their studies at another Penn State campus.

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